Auction Calculator Interface Update

We created an updated interface for the Auction Calculator. The data, features, and overall layout are the same as the previous Auction Calculator. For this offseason, we are retaining the old interface as well. However, all future development and features will be built using the new interface, and the old interface will eventually become deprecated.

The new interface has the following improvements:

  • Performance updates — we no longer have to fully reload the page every time a setting changes. Switching between position tabs should be very fast now.
  • Position tabs are reorganized so pitchers and batters are grouped together.
  • Keepers now have a full-screen pop up that lets you more easily view and remove all your keepers.
  • We are more explicit when the data grid no longer reflects the settings you’ve selected.
  • You are also able to undo the settings change before you regenerate the projections.
  • We are more explicit with the controls to split money between batters and pitchers.
  • The interface is responsive, so it’s more usable on mobile.

If you notice any issues or find any bugs please let us know.

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Nasty Nate
Nasty Nate

Cool! Thanks. I would humbly request that the ADP information loaded in there be updated. It is missing (i.e. 999) for several relevant players.

David Appelman

Looks like we were missing a handful of playerids. These are specifically NFBC ADP values for the past 30 days.